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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance In Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, & Wadley, GA Areas

Lawn maintenance services include tasks such as ongoing mowing, edging, and weed eating, but also less common tasks such as weeding, mulch or pine straw installation, and landscape trimming.

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Ongoing lawn service and landscape maintenance in Jefferson County and Burke County, GA.

We handle mowing, landscape trimming, mulching, weeding, and more!

In warm season areas such as Georgia, homeowners need a mowing and maintenance company that can keep their yard and landscapes looking pristine all year long. At Nichols Lawn Care, our skilled lawn service and landscaping team is well-trained in caring for and maintaining a variety of turf lawns, as well as the proper etiquette to caring for landscaping and weeding.

We currently provide our grass cutting and landscape maintenance services to Jefferson County and Burke County, GA, with the most common towns being Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, and Wadley.

Lawn we mowed in Louisville, GA.

Lawn Mowing Service

Our customers get the full benefits of our lawn mowing and maintenance with yearly service. Grass cutting in our area occurs all year long, so we follow a standard mowing schedule to keep your lawn fresh and green:

  • Bi-weekly mowing is performed March through November
  • Once per month mowing is performed December through February
  • A weekly schedule is also available for any customers who would prefer that option

General mowing and maintenance services are only available in yearly packages. We do not offer one-time cuts at this time.

Common turf that our lawn service professionals see includes Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Each type of lawn needs to be cut to a specific height for prime growth. We know exactly which grasses thrive at which heights, and following the one-third rule, never remove more than one-third of the blade during a single mowing session.

Standard mowing service includes edging, weed-eating, and cleanup.

As part of your mowing service, you will receive detailed work on your entire lawn including string trimming (weed whacking) around obstacles that the mower cannot reach, such as the house, trees, mailbox, and fences. We edge along sidewalks to give your lawn a clean finish to all the edges in the yard. Finally, we use a blower to blow all the clippings and debris off your hardscaping, which leaves your property looking sharp.

Mowing and landscape maintenance around a pool with beautifully trimmed shrubs in Wrens, GA.

Landscape Maintenance Services

At Nichols Lawn Care, we offer services that go above and beyond your basic lawn service package to provide further care for your property. Ask for your estimate to include services such as:

  • Shrub & Hedge Trimming
  • Pine Straw, Mulch, or Rock Installation
  • Weeding

Additional maintenance services can be added on to your mowing package to ensure your landscaping looks as great as your lawn.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Shrub and hedge trimming ensure your greenery in your landscaping remains well-shaped and tidy. Our professionals remove overgrown branches to allow sunlight and water to better nourish your plant's growth. This reduces disease and insect infestation while promoting thicker and healthier growth for your shrubs, hedges, and small trees.

Mulch Installation

We provide mulch installation twice a year! This keeps your landscaping beds looking fresh all year long while providing ample nutrition, a weed barrier, and insulation for your plants. Mulching is done once in the winter and then once in the summer.

We mostly lay pine straw or mulch, with the occasional request for rock ground covering. About 90% of our customers choose pine straw as their primary choice. Other popular varieties in the Jefferson County area include natural hardwood, Cypress, and dark brown or black dyed mulch. The most common rock is egg rock.


Add in weeding services to prevent overgrowth of weeds in your landscaping beds. Mulch helps keep weeds at bay, but they still find a way to squeeze their way through the barrier from time to time. Routine weeding keeps your landscaping beds looking clean while preventing weeds from multiplying.

Homeowner in Waynesboro, GA with lawn service by Nichols Lawn Care.

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We are committed to providing the best year-round service for your lawn and landscaping. Keep your curb appeal up and keep unwanted weeds and overgrowth at bay. For homeowners in Jefferson County and Burke County, ask about the cost of general maintenance, as well as our highly recommended additional services. Call (478) 494-8123 to get your free estimate today and discover the difference professional lawn service will make on your property!

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