Spring annual flowers planted in a landscaping bed in front of a home in Louisville, GA.

Annual Flowers & Seasonal Color In Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, & Wadley, GA Areas

Annual flowers are an affordable way to add seasonal color to your landscape beds. We start planting annual flowers around mid-April and replace them with new flowers around mid-October.

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We'll bring seasonal color to your landscaping this year by planting annual flowers!

Seasonal color services for homes in Jefferson County and Burke County.

Annual flowers and seasonal color are a big part of our lawn and landscaping establishment. We plant many seasonal flowers in the Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, Wadley, and surrounding areas in Jefferson County and Burke County, GA annually, providing fresh flowers that are handpicked to enhance your current landscaping design.

At Nichols Lawn Care, we plant residential and commercial annuals during spring around mid-April. Fall annuals are planted during mid-October. It is important to bring seasonal color into your landscaping to provide added curb appeal, as well as a fresh look for your exterior property.

We coordinate seasonal flowers to your landscaping, ensuring they complement and fill in the areas that benefit from additional color. Adding color breaks up the look of greenery on mulch and brightens up appearances as a whole.

Annuals surrounding a large elephant ear at a property in Louisville, GA.Most Popular Summer Annuals

Summer annuals are planted during the spring to bring lasting color throughout the hot Georgia summers. Some of the most popular summer annuals include:

  • Begonias
  • Zinnias
  • Impatiens
  • Geraniums
  • Marigolds

We also like to incorporate the following summer florals as centerpieces to our designs: Purple Fountain Grasses, Elephant Ears, and Black Elephant Ears. We work with a large array of seasonal color and have an entire inventory of popular annual flowers that we incorporate into our landscaping designs.

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Popular Winter Annuals

Southern states, such as Georgia, have the ability to plant new annuals all year long due to the warm temperatures. During mid-October, we transition your summer annuals and plant winter annuals. Changing your seasonal color twice a year allows your landscaping to refresh every six months.

For centerpieces to highlight your winter annuals, we utilize plants such as cabbage and kale. Some of the most popular winter annuals include:

  • Pansies
  • Panolas
  • Violas

Winter annuals planted in a landscaping bed in front of a home in Wrens, GA.

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Add in our annual flowers and seasonal color to your lawn and landscaping services today! Our eye for design and color will have your home looking festive and alive all year long. Contact us at (478) 494-8123 to get your free estimate and start your annual flower services now. We are currently offering seasonal color services for the communities in Jefferson County and Burke County, GA.

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