New irrigation system installation at a residential home in Wrens, GA.

Irrigation Services In Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, & Wadley, GA Areas

Irrigation systems will ensure that your lawn receives adequate amounts of water when needed. We offer irrigation design and installation, system inspections, and regular maintenance services.

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Irrigation installations, repairs, and maintenance in Jefferson County and Burke County, GA.

Ensure your lawn and landscapes are getting adequate water with a sprinkler system.

Irrigation systems are a complex design of pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads intended to provide the right amount of water for your lawn and landscaping. At Nichols Lawn Care, we provide full irrigation services to the Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, Wadley, and surrounding areas in Jefferson County, Burke County, Columbia County, Richmond County, and Aiken County. Our basic irrigation services include:

  • Design & Installation
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Inspections & Testing

Irrigation system design pipes during an installation at a property in Louisville, GA.

Irrigation Design & Installation Services

Irrigation design is complex and requires an expert meeting and yard inspection prior to installation. To develop the right system, we require knowledge of your soil conditions, sun/shade areas of your lawn, and types of landscaping. This allows us to determine the correct foundation and zoning for your sprinkler system.

We create your system using zones which have an average of five to ten sprinklers that operate at a single time. One zone of irrigation consumes roughly 10-15 gallons of water per minute during watering. We create zones based on the amount of water required for that specific area. Irrigation systems can be constructed underground, subsurface, or above ground, with rotating heads or fixed spray heads.

Property in Wrens, GA with trenches dug for irrigation installation.

Irrigation Repairs & Maintenance

We provide routine maintenance and repairs for irrigation systems in and around Louisville, GA. You should be aware of common troubles associated with your irrigation system in case they arise.

Common repairs

  1. Over time, valves can get stuck and not close zones properly. This can be traced back to debris getting in the way, faulty wiring, or other issues.
  2. The typical lifespan for rotor heads is about three to six years. Over time, they eventually stop working or the gear drives and seals fail.
  3. Nozzles can become clogged or broken because of debris buildup.
  4. Homeowners adjusting the control panel incorrectly can cause damage. If the panel is old or outdated it can malfunction as well.
  5. Broken pipes leak, which can cause overwatering. Construction or lawn equipment can also break through the surface and pierce the pipes.

Some of the most serious irrigation issues that need to be remedied immediately are broken pipes and electrical shorts.

Lush lawn after the installation of an irrigation system in Waynesboro, GA.

The Benefits of an Irrigation System

Proper irrigation is the key to a lush, green lawn! Having an operational sprinkler system in place has incredible benefits for homeowners. This system is a solid home investment and ensures your lawn is healthy all year long.

With a properly designed and installed sprinkler system, you'll save money because it cuts down on wasted water and weed growth. An irrigation system is the most efficient way to water your lawn and landscaping with the least amount of runoff. By watering at prime times during the day (early morning), you save on wasted water that may be evaporated by the sun if watering during the daytime.

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At Nichols Lawn Care, we professionally design, install and maintain your home's irrigation system. Keep your lawn hydrated while preventing excessive water waste. Call us at (478) 494-8123 for your inspection and estimate today! We are currently installing and maintaining irrigation systems in the Georgia regions of Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, Wadley, and other communities in Jefferson County and Burke County.

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