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Landscape Design & Installation In Augusta, North Augusta, Louisville, Waynesboro, & Surrounding Areas

We create unique landscaping designs using a variety of shrubs, trees, flowers, and ground covers. We also use design software so you can see what your new landscaping will look like before installing.

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Complete landscaping design and installation services in Jefferson, Burke, Columbia, Richmond, and Aiken Counties.

Landscaping improves curb appeal and adds value to your home.

When our professionals come in, design, and install landscaping for homeowners, we make a big impact on the exterior of the property, providing both curb appeal and value to the home. Landscaping design and installation have many intricacies that go into both the planning and implementation stages.

At Nichols Lawn Care, we assist homeowners every step of the way to create a landscaping look they will love for years. We serve the Augusta and North Augusta regions, as well as the communities of Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, and Wadley. We also provide our professional landscape design and installation services to the residents of:

  • Jefferson County
  • Burke County
  • Columbia County
  • Richmond County
  • Aiken County

Work with us today on improving the quality of your landscape.

Recently designed landscape and installation in front of a home in Louisville, GA.

Landscape Design Process

The design phase is the most crucial part of the landscaping process because it is the foundation of a well-developed landscape. First, we set up a consultation with you, hear your ideas, what you like, and do not like, what plants you prefer, and design elements that are important to you. We take your ideas and combine them with our basic design principles:

  • Balance
  • Focal Point
  • Proportion
  • Unity

Using a combination of plants such as bushes, shrubs, and small trees, we create balance, proportion, and a focal point that draws your eye to the landscaping. Along with hardscaping elements and the right ground covering, we create a unified design that enhances the design of your home.

Your completed landscaping design is presented to scale with full details using design software and CAD programming. This becomes the blueprint for the installation process.

New plants laid out in preparation for landscape installation at a home in Waynesboro, GA.

Landscape Installation Process

After we work with you to approve a design, we set a date for your installation. During the installation process, our professional landscapers begin by removing any existing landscaping elements that are not staying in the design and handle any irrigation issues. Next, we reshape landscaping beds, or if needed, create new ones for your brand new landscaping design.

We complete any leveling/grading during this phase. Next, we lay out your plants according to the design and get them planted on location. The final addition to complete your landscaping is your ground covering. About 90% of our customers choose Pine Straw, while the other 10% choose between other mulch or rock options. Throughout the year, you can take advantage of our annual flower planting service as well, to add color and life to your landscaping design.

New sod installation by Nichols Lawn Care at a home in Wrens, GA.

Seeding & Sod

At Nichols Lawn Care, we offer seeding and sod services for your lawn. Both are viable options for growing a lawn, however, there are benefits that make sod more appealing to homeowners.

Sod Installation

Do you want instant gratification for your lawn? Sod is the way to go! There are many advantages for homeowners who choose to have sod laid vs. seeding:

  • You get instant satisfaction! As soon as sod is laid, you have a lawn immediately.
  • Sod is grown professionally, so it is inherently healthier and denser.
  • Sod is weed free and, due to the density of it, discourages the growth of weeds and minimizes the use of herbicides in years to follow.
  • Using sod prevents soil erosion and can be an immediate solution to yards with drainage problems

The most popular warm-season grasses that we sod are Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia.


Seeding is the process of spreading grass seeds across areas of properly prepared soil. One advantage of using this method is that seeding is much less expensive than installing sod. Additionally, seeding offers a greater variety of grass to choose from to plant in your lawn.

Before and after landscape job in Louisville, GA.

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At Nichols Lawn Care, we know the time and effort it takes to create a lawn and landscape that you love! Collaborate with our design team and bring your ideas to the table, but let us do the labor and fuel your ideas with the creativity needed to create a stunning exterior. Call us at (478) 494-8123 and schedule your free consultation today! We work with homeowners in the Georgia areas of Louisville, Wrens, Waynesboro, Wadley, Augusta, and other communities in Jefferson County, Burke County, Columbia County, Richmond County, and Aiken County.

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